What is VOD?

Updated for August 2018

VOD, or Video on Demand, refers to systems which afford their users the ability to order and watch videos on demand, including online movies and online TV. Depending on the system in question, the requested videos can be sent to either computer or TV, or both.  VOD systems stream or download the selected video content through set-top boxes, portable media players, digital video recorders or a computer.

Online movies and online TV became popular for their accessibility and the ease with which users can view movies and TV online or download movies. In addition to its usability and accessibility. online movies and TV providers allow their customers the use of ‘Trick Modes’ which are essentially the same modes as a VCR. By using Trick Modes, the user can fast forward, rewind, skip chapters, stop, pause, play, etc.

Video on Demand was designed and created to afford viewers total and almost instantaneous access to online movies and online TV, revolutionizing the availability of video content and allowing customers to watch movies, or any other type of  video content, anytime, and from virtually anywhere. Most online movies and TV providers put their servers on LANs, thereby affording their customers quick response times and a smooth and simple user experience.  

And why do I need it?

You don’t need Video on Demand, you want Video on Demand! Video on Demand is a great way of gaining access to a variety of online movies and online TV shows at a very reasonable price. Yes, you can probably find the same content on free download sites, however, there is no comparison when it comes to the quality of the content as content on online movie sites is usually top-notch, while high quality video content is harder to find for free.

In addition, users who prefer to pay for their content and who have qualms with infringement issues, would do best to choose online movies and TV services over free download providers. Find the best movie streaming service for you and start watching movies and tv shows online today!